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What is it?

The National Aptitude Test In Architecture (NATA) measures the apptitude of the applicationt for specific field of study, i.e.Architecture. The test measures Drawing and Observation Skills, sense of porporpion, aesthetic sensitivity and critical thinking ability, that have been aquired our a long period of time, and that are related to specific field of study, that is Architecture.

Where is it conducted ?

NATA is offered over major part of admission session At Designated Test Centers located at colleges/schools of architecture in India. Updated list of test center is available at the website
All schools and colleges of Architectureo, Goverment , Goverment aided , University Departments, Private unaided, including colleges affiliated to self financed Deemed Universities and Private Universities , or any department of Architecture within a college , required that it's applicants take the NATA. The test center in Pune which are eligible for conducting NATA are PVPCOA/BVUCOA/BNCA/ALLANA/DYPCOA/SCOA. The admission forms for NATA exam are accepted First Come First-Basis on any working day. The applicant can choose the day of exam as per his/her convenience.

Test Fee

NATA fees are Rs.800/- , and ar to be paid at the time of registration and before the collection of the appointment voucher from The Test Center. The Test fees are to be paid by Demand Draft/Postal Order/Banker's Cheque drawn in favour of 'Council Of Architecture', payable at New Delhi. The Demand Draft Along with preregistration form and other supporting documents is to be submitted at the test center at the time of registration. Only if the candidates cancel the appointment for NATA. No later than 3 full working days prior to the candidates test date, the candidate will receive Rs.400/- as refund The refund is sent directly to the candidate on the address provided by him within six weeks of date of cancellation.

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