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   Creating the right balance between art and technology in shaping of future architects.

   Understanding the language of construction and technology with reference to the theory and on-site exposure and experience.

   Understanding the importance of using the pencil (the hand) and the mouse (the computer) in the development of the mind

   Teaching methodology to reach students of all levels of assimilation.

   Motivation and special efforts to reach weaker students to elevate their standard and confidence.

   Identification of student’s potential and counseling to students at all levels.

   Development and perfection of student’s graphic and verbal communication skills.

   Keeping parents informed about the student’s progress and involving them in his/her overall development process

   A five day week concept with weekdays for learning and weekends for self-assimilation, exploration and compilation.

   An 18 week detailed and intense semester schedule adopted to achieve all the outline academic and co- curricular aims and       objectives.

   V ibrant teaching cum studio environment parallel to design studios in professional of fices

   Juries, seminars and workshops conducted by eminent national and international architects and professionals to give exposure to       students and faculty

   Relative study programs (study tours) with intense field study , documentation and contextual interpretation.

   Summer and winter modules for additional exposure, sharpening the skills and further development.

   Extra and co-curricular activities to enhance the overall development and skills of the student.

   Student's forum for intense interaction amongst students at all levels and organization of various activities.

   Participation in architectural competitions for reducing the gap between academic studio environment and professional approach.

   Emphasis on documentation and compilation of student's work.

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we believe in creating sensitive and socially conscious architects who can contribute in shaping our built environment

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